Homeopathy can be the answer

Homeopathy is a safe and effective system of natural and holistic medicine.

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Anyone can be helped

Potentially everyone can be helped. Rather than viewing a person’s condition as a collection of separate diseases, symptoms, whether physical, emotional, or mental, are understood as the manifestation of a deeper energetic imbalance.

Over 500 million people use Homeopathy

According to the World Health Organization more than 500 million people use Homeopathy on a regular basis worldwide. Homeopathy is considered mainstream healthcare and not alternative in many countries. It is part of the national health care systems of Switzerland, India, France, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Pakistan and the United Kingdom. Many physicians are trained in homeopathy and practice throughout the world including the U.S. 

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Healing Mind and Body Naturally

Homeopathy is healing from the inside out. Homeopathy  treats the underlying cause of a disease, gently and naturally. 

Selora Albin

About Selora Albin

Selora Albin, CCH, is a graduate of the The Berkeley Institute of Homeopathy. She contiunes to study with world-renowned homeopaths Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Jo Daly and Dr. Bill Gray. 

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Praise for Selora

I have always been into health and wellness, yet had suffered with severe back pain issues since childhood, that had become progressively more debilitating as the years went on. I had moderate scoliosis, many physical impact accidents beginning as a young child, and other traumatic experiences. After the birth of my daughter, my chronic pain issues had become so bad that it had virtually taken over my life: it limited my work and social life and drained most of the fun out of my daily life.  Read the full story


Palo Alto, CA

Selora’s questions are focused on patient experience and insightful- on par with any therapist. Her remedies are potent; I’ve felt results within 24hrs or sooner! She’s amazing at walking patients through the process. I’ve felt well taken care of and confident in her abilities throughout my treatment!


San Jose, CA