Praise for Selora Albin

I have always been into health and wellness, yet had suffered with severe back pain issues since childhood, that had become progressively more debilitating as the years went on. I had moderate scoliosis, many physical impact accidents beginning as a young child, and other traumatic experiences. After the birth of my daughter, my chronic pain issues had become so bad that it had virtually taken over my life: it limited my work and social life and drained most of the fun out of my daily life.

I had tried countless healing therapies, exercises, medications, self-help books, modalities and ways of thinking about and approaching my pain. While I believed in the possibility of each of those things working and helping me, nothing actually did. It was a very bleak and sad prospect for me imagining that this might be my reality for the rest of my life.

Then an acquaintance referred me to Selora, a homeopath. While I had heard of, and been interested in, homeopathy, it wasn’t something I had pursued. After contacting Selora, and meeting with her for a comprehensive 3-hour intake, she came up with a homeopathic remedy for me. Again, wanting it to work, but being honest with myself about my history and all the other things I had tried that had not helped, I took my remedy, wondering how in the world these little pellets could possibly change decades of a pain pattern.

There were immediate subtle changes, and soon more profound and noticeable changes. Fast forward a few months, and my life had already dramatically changed. This year has been so full of life for me – family trips, adventures, roller coaster rides with my daughter, sports, and the ability to have a normal work load. It is truly remarkable, and while I don’t fully understand how or why my remedy has worked for me on such a deep level, I do know that it has. I am so grateful to Selora and her knowledge, careful attention to detail, and accurate assessment of what remedy to give me. The beauty of homeopathy is that it was seemingly so unobtrusive: there was no homework, no exercises to follow, no behavioral modifications, no terrible side effects and no requirement of introspection – it just worked “by itself”.

M. H.

Palo Alto, CA

I first met Selora when I was in severe pain caused by two herniated disks. We had a first meeting which was very deep, during which I talked about myself and the health issues that have affected me for a long time. Selora listened to everything very carefully, taking a lot of notes and leaving me total freedom to express whatever I wanted about myself, who I am, and my issues. Selora figured out the right remedy for me and after taking the first dose my back pain significantly improved!

I also experienced many additional beneficial effects of the remedy over the following months. Presently, one year later, my hay fever allergies do not bother me, and even my anxiety related to driving on the freeway has diminished significantly since receiving homeopathic treatment and taking the remedy prescribed by Selora. I’m really happy that I made the decision to turn to homeopathic medicine and that I found such a competent and kind person.


Palo Alto, CA

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