According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Influenza is now increasing both nationally and locally within the San Francisco Bay Area. For the week ending 12/20/14, CDC reported that the proportion of lab specimens positive for influenza was 28%, well above the 10% level thought to indicate a significant influenza outbreak. Most of these isolates are influenza A (H3N2) which has “drifted” somewhat from the viral strain that was used to develop this year’s flu vaccine. This means that, even if you received a flu shot this season, you may be even more susceptible to infection than during prior years.  The A (H3N2) viral subtype that is being seen this year tends to be associated with more severe influenza seasons, a phenomenon that may be compounded by changes in the viruses called antigenic drift. Also, the proportion of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness is now up to 5.5%, which is above the national baseline of 2.0%. Locally the proportion of lab specimens positive for influenza was, for the first time this season, 10% or greater for the week ending 12/27/14.

During the flu season It’s especially important to take good care of yourself and your family.  Get plenty of rest, stay well hydrated, eat healthy foods, manage your stress as you always should.  In addition, wash your hands regularly, especially after shaking hands, touching your face, coughing or sneezing.

Homeopathy is commonly used around the world to treat influenza. Particularly since there is very little one can do allopathicaly, besides Tylenol and staying hydrated, once someone is sick, it’s great to have an alternative. Homeopathic remedies can significantly help with the muscle aches, fevers, sore throats, headaches, and cough that people often experience with influenza. It can also markedly speed up the recovery time.

Homeopathy first became popular during the cholera epidemic in 1854 in London. It was an historically important epidemic ‐ it was the first time a disease outbreak was traced to a particular source – in this case a public water pump. The pump was closed & the epidemic ceased. All in all 10,738 people died. The British House of Commons requested a report regarding the various methods of treating the epidemic. When the report was issued, no homeopathic figures were included. The House of Lords requested an explanation, and it was admitted that if the homeopathic figures were to be included in the report, it would “skew the results” so it was suppressed. Upon examination, the buried report revealed that in patients under allopathic care the mortality was 59.2% while for patients receiving homeopathic care the mortality was only 9%.